Lasting Impact - Jen Slothower

Lasting Impact

By Jen Slothower

  • Release Date: 2014-01-20
  • Genre: Reference


"Lasting Impact" looks at the controversy that has exploded in recent years surrounding concussions and CTE, focusing specifically on the implications of head injuries in youth sports. While much attention has been given to research and remedies for pro athletes, the same can’t be said for young players, who could have much more to lose — and be in greater danger — when it comes to long-term damage from the head trauma that is common in sports. Exploring questions of how concussions are different in youth sports, what CTE means to athletes of the youngest ages, how the NFL’s slow response has affected youth leagues, and what youth sports are doing now to combat concussion concerns and adjust as new research unfolds, "Lasting Impact" gives a broad view of the head injury debate while showing what the parents, players, coaches and schools involved in youth sports should expect in a controversy that is only getting more complex.