Boarding School Juliet Volume 3 - Yousuke Kaneda

Boarding School Juliet Volume 3

By Yousuke Kaneda

  • Release Date: 2018-06-12
  • Genre: Women


Persia’s been sabotaged by the scheming Aby and his underling Somali. Inuzuka is desperate to help her recover her reputation, but one wrong move and he stands to lose his own. Then, after the curtain falls on the sports festival, Inuzuka ends up in a series of unpredictable situations—including drawing the attention of the prefects, the school’s most powerful students. It seems that the more Inuzuka and Persia’s relationship deepens, the harder it will be to protect their secret…

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  • Beware the sample has a different tittle

    By A93V
    I would like to make notice that this volume’s sample has the content froma different manga thus I’m reluctant to buy the volume please kindly check.