Living Aboard - Scott Wilson

Living Aboard

By Scott Wilson

  • Release Date: 2016-08-01
  • Genre: Water Sports


Moving on board a boat is a common fantasy for people around the world who dream of a life afloat… nestled in a cozy, tidy cabin in the midst of nature’s embrace, lulled to sleep by the slap of waves against the hull, woken by the shrill calls of seabirds. But moving your whole life onto a boat that is only a fraction the size of a house or apartment is intimidating, too. If you don’t have any nautical experience or friends in the liveaboard community, the gulf sometimes seems too wide to bridge.

Never fear! Living aboard is just as amazing as you imagine it is and it is a lifestyle that anyone can adopt with a little adaptability and coaching.

You’ll have to bring your own adaptability but you’ll find all the coaching you need inside these covers!

• What it will cost you to live aboard.
• How to find the right boat for you.
• How to find the right place to keep it!
• What to keep and what to get rid of, and where to store it all!
• How to fit into the liveaboard community.
• Dealing with common liveaboard challenges.
• How to transition back to a lubber’s lifestyle when your time on board is finished.

Living Aboard: The Ultimate Guide to Life on a Boat is ideal for experienced boaters who are contemplating a permanent move on board or complete neophytes who have never set foot on a boat in their life!